There are several exciting things attached to the 1xBet company, and one of them is the variety of the 1xBet bonus. The website allows you as a user to access several bonuses. However, the amount of bonus enjoyed depends on your usage of the website – are you a new member, or otherwise? Do you make use of the site often or not? There are also a few other factors to consider.

Having understood this, the next is knowing how to use bonus. Being naive of the scheme 1xBet – their bonuses, offer conditions, etc. is normal. I mean, you are just a newbie, and that is why you need to read this guide. The truth is, to enjoy complete access to the benefits, you need to be aware of all of the 1xBet bonus rules. This includes gaining access to using the 1xBet service, plus bonus across several regions.

So, are you keen on knowing comprehensively, the rules of betting, and how to use 1xBet bonus? Are you also concerned about what you stand to gain using a bonus account? Then this is the right article to read! Just tag along.

Get to Know 1xBet bonus

Get to Know 1xBet bonus

Simply put – the 1xBet bonus is a bonus from the betting company. In other words, it is a grant given to you to bet with. However, there are variations to these bonuses. Ranging from the welcome bonus to several other promotional offers.

Irrespective of the type of bonus, to get access to them, you are required to fund your betting account. Tandem to this, it is essential that we take you through the bonus rules to keep you guided as you play.

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Receiving the Welcome 1xBet Bonus of Casino

Immediately after signing up with this bookmaker, there are possibilities that you would be given the bonus 1xBet. This is a welcome bonus. And the reason you are getting this bonus is to make you feel at home, courtesy of 1xBet.

This, however, isn’t only about you; factually, the welcome bonus is very famous in India, amounting to about $1650 and 150 spins free of any charge.

Summarily, this 1xBet bonus is in four divisions, all depending on your deposits.

They are:

  • First deposit – 100% equaling $330 + 30 spins free of any charge
  • Second deposit – 50% equaling $385 + 35 spins free of any charge
  • Third deposit – 25% equaling $440 + 40 spins free of any charge
  • Fourth deposit – 25% equaling $500 + 45 spins free of any charge

How do you gain access to all of these?? It is simple! You just need to adhere to the bonus rules, and there you go! Everything then depends on you. Including how to use 1xBet bonus account, and how to use or bonus.

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Bookmaker Offers You a Special 1xBet Deposit Bonus

1xBet Deposit Bonus

Now, apart from the bonus 1xBet received after a successful signing up process, you are also open to receiving one after you fund your betting account for the first time.

Regarded as the first deposit bonus, it is available to every person who successfully registers with 1xBet and funds his or her account with a minimum of $1. So, it is always a win-win situation for you! Your bonus is going to match your deposit up to $110. If you wish to get the maximum bonus of $144, though, you need to deposit at least $110 and enter 1xBet promo code.

It is a 100% reward that equals the initial deposit amount. Hence, after your 1st deposit, your 100 first deposit bonus automatically gets activated, thereby making you get rewarded with your gift. However, you have to understand the need to turn the 1xBet deposit bonus over within three days after deposit; otherwise, you lose it. In addition, you cannot combine the 1xBet deposit bonus with any other promotional offer(s).

Therefore, it is always advised that you beat the first deposit bonus conditions beforehand to enjoy your bonus 1xBet exclusively.

Knowing the 1xBet Bonus Rules

As already mentioned in the guide, it is crucial to put the 1xBet bonus rules into thorough consideration when making your initial deposit and also to receive the attached bonus. Even though you would be provided with T&Cs upon sign-up, below is a rather brief yet comprehensive version of these rules:

  • To enjoy a hundred percent bonus, fund your account after registration with at least $110.
  • During the receipt of your first ever bonus after deposit, you are required to practice a turnover with it for more than five (5) times via the accumulator bets.
  • You shouldn’t just turn your bonus over randomly, instead, with a minimum of three (3) events.
  • For the selected three (3) events, the accumulated odds should amount to at least 1.40.
  • Confirm the availability of your location before registering with 1xBet. You can do so on the list provided on the official website.
  • The bonus only remains valid during the first thirty days after receipt. Any minute after the period, the bonus becomes useless.
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1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules & Other Promotional Offers Offered by 1xBet

1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

You guessed right: the 1xBet bonus, otherwise known as the welcome bonus, and the 1xBet deposit bonus aren’t the only offers available on 1xBet. For other promotional offers by this sportsbook, check below:

  1. Daily Jackpots
    One of the exciting things about these jackpot bonuses is that they can be enjoyed daily. The jackpot bonus allows you to join the pool of prizes almost immediately after you start betting. Except from games like PF Roulette, Roulette, Pachinko, 21 Online, and PF Dice, all other games available on 1xBet are included in this offer.
  2. Lucky Friday
    1xBet is dedicated to making your Friday beautiful vide this bonus. With this lucky 1xBet Friday bonus, you have the chance to win for yourself, a sum of $110. However, before signing up for this offer, ensure you have read the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules.
  3. Lucky Day
    This one is a daily thing! Should you be questioning how does the 1xBet bonus work daily, well response is quite straightforward; all you need to do is obtaining the ticket which is available on the custom page of this offer. And boom! Your chances of winning are up. This bonus, however, works randomly, and hence the name “lucky.” So, it all depends on how lucky you are.
  4. Refund of Stakes equaling $10
    Also referred to as the low-risk-bets, this is a scheme wherein you get refunded of your loss. This bonus 1xBet is one that you would definitely enjoy. To be eligible, you need to have placed your stakes after the commencement of the offer. After staking, should you be on the losing side, you get refunded any of your loss amounting to a sum of 10 USD. The 1xBet bonus is a great aid, especially for newbies.
  5. X2 Wednesday Offer
    This offer takes place on Wednesday. However, to be eligible for participation, you must have participated and/or met the Friday bonus rules. To win up to 110 USD, you need to have placed a total of five stakes on sporting games with their odds accumulating to a minimum of 1.4o in total. Although, this selection too is random and based on luck. Also, it is important to announce that you need to have deposited 1 USD before you can be rewarded with the amount won. Having bonus 1xBet Wednesday is a great, plus yet another opportunity to win big
  6. Birthday Bonus
    1xBet try as much as they can to felicitate with you on your birthdays, and that is why this bonus was introduced – birthday bonus. However, how to go by this bonus use all depends on you. Although certain 1xBet bonus rules need to be adhered to. These rules can be gotten from the 1xBet T&Cs.
    Obviously, there are several options of bonuses available for you to pick from, even including the Monday bonus that wasn’t discussed.
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Understanding 1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

As mentioned earlier, certain rules are guiding these bonuses, and the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules are also one that needs to be paid attention to.

These bonus rules include:

  1. For bonus activation, you must fund your betting account with at least 1 USD.
  2. After activation, your bonus has to be wagered for about 3 times within 24 hours. This is a very crucial aspect of the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules, and failure to adhere by it might cost you your credit.
  3. You would enjoy a 100% bonus from a deposit of $110 and above.
  4. You are only allowed access to a bonus.

The 1xBet Bonus Account: All You Need to Know

The 1xBet Bonus Account

Talk about excellent customer service cum equality, then 1xBet leads the park! Irrespective of your time of joining the platform, or maybe you have received your initial 1xBet deposit bonus, or not, or any other forms of bonuses, you can still get you the bonus account.

Simply put – to a reasonable degree, there are tendencies that you are gifted with a VIP Cashback scheme. In this program, you get the opportunities to earn bonuses from cashback. To enjoy this benefit, you need to obtain the 1xBet bonus account.

Follow the steps outlined below to join:

  1. Register for the casino with a promotion code. This automatically decorates you as a Copper Level holder.
  2. The next is to gain experience to move on with a personal 1xBet bonus account. Do this by playing several games offered by the casino, such as slots, live casinos, etc.
  3. While playing, ensure to be earning the maximum points possible. Remember, the more the points, the more the cashback that would be earned. The more your points also push you up the scale until you attain the level of a VIP.
  4. You can withdraw cashback from your bonus account only once every 7 days.

Explore 1xBet Bonus Games

While working towards attaining the VIP badge using the means explained in the previous section, you are most likely than never, going to notice the bonus 1xBet games.

The site’s developers have included casino games, just to ensure that you maximize your fun, experience as a bettor, and your possibility of winning a 1xBet Bonus. This bonus account will allow you to play several games available in the casino. Remember, the more you play, the more your tendencies of attaining the VIP status.

Bonus games you can enjoy on the website include:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette

With these games, any games bonus earned is done interestingly.

Conclusion on How to Use 1xBet Bonus

Definitely, joining the 1xBet platform would arouse several questions within yourself. Including questions on the bonuses available for you, how to use 1xBet bonus, conditions attached to the bonuses, the 1xBet deposit bonus, and lots more. Plus wanting to know how setting up a bonus account works, how it can be set up, etc.

However, upon getting to this part of this guide, all of these questions must have been answered – all, in its actual sense. Actually, it is not as if it is some hard stuff involved; it is just that you need a guide while making use of your first bonus code.

It’s a wrap! After all is said and done, we really hope this review has assisted you in clarifying your curiosity, redeeming bonuses, how to use 1xBet bonus, withdrawing your bonus, etc.Get bonus and play for free

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